Free Fonts Good, Free Design Bad

I found this great free font list:

Free fonts are great. Free design work is not. Here is a list of things to consider if you are after a designer for your new start up/band/whatevs


Do you? Do you really?

Before you go ahead and find your nearest ‘depressed artist or whatever that I can give a tenner and he can put it in his portfolio’ consider:

1. It’s great that you want to set up a business, but beyond making it look attractive, relevant and getting paid, I DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL AMBITIONS.
2. Further to that, don’t come to me with a load of words. I need to see some evidence that this isn’t just a whim. I don’t know why but often the first person people get in touch with is a designer because it helps them visualise things ‘I’m a visual person, I’m an ideas man CBA.’
3. Hiring a designer is just like any other professional; you are hiring experience. The more experience, the more the money.
4. Further to that there is always a gap between the client and what is possible. If it’s complex. Quite often a client will be coming from the moon and I will have to meet them somewhere in the middle with costs and practicability. This is especially problematic in web design; “I want it like this” they say, and then you have to utter those fateful words…….

it’s not as simple as that

I always feel like a bit of a failure when I have to say those words, I’m not saying them as much as I used to but it’s like an admission of ‘I’m going to have to do a few tutorials….’
Finally, offer to pay SOMETHING. Something is better than nothing. The ‘do it for your portfolio’ only applies to Students. Once free work has been secured, the client usually calls up a lot, and gets aggressive when the work is taking too long/doesn’t look right. I’ve dealt with some total assholes and had to hunt them down for money, if you’re going to be a bad client with that attitude you might consider this:





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